Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Nasty old Claire Bennett

Otherwise known as discovery77, disco, and her troll account

@NvrH8 aimed at getting others the sack...not just one person, several

twinned of course with Fester Faker, another seriously lying warped individual

Here is mad claire though it's an old photo eh Claire

We give full credit to others for some of this material, as on drlavertysx TL

Here is mad Claire asking others to report accounts she just doesn't like. A common theme in much of disco's online activity

Peter McKelvie of course links to Ian Mcfadyen so mad claire obviously hates him

On Ian Mcfadyen who Claire and company tried to smear as a paedophile in DM and with worwee, a paedophile sympathiser.

On darren Laverty

Mad Claire used to follow gojam and post on his blog, but as soon as she disagrees, it's warfare from the mad therapist in WSM

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Esther/Becky/Brooke Liar

One of the first things that struck me about Esther Baker, was how much she lied.It almost seemed pathological.When one lie was worn out or exposed, up popped another in support of the previous one.

Currently in her hate vendetta against IMf she is trying to suggest it was down to him that she contacted Exaro, and is screenshotting DM's dated 17th Jan 2015 to try to support this ,
 ( she repeats this many times over the day )

 pic x large so you can see the date on the conversation 17/01/2015

yet Exaros own site shows she was already in contact with them under the fake name of  Becky' on the 10th of January and very likely before that
The phrase is several paragraphs from the bottom of the piece dated 10th January 2015, and starts..'Becky told Exaro....'
Becky is of course actually just another of the many names used by Esther Baker

Her own TL - as shown below- also indicates she was talking to exaro at latest 10th Jan 2015

As a matter of public record, as detailed here, Becky/Esther/Brookes story substantially changed from her C4 interview on the 5th January2015 where no VIPs are mentioned at all,to when she sold her story to Sky a few months later.(Without the inclusion of the newly created VIP list to spice up her story, it's very doubtful Sky would have broadcast it in such a way.)

Her explanation of the substantial change in story is that she informed C4 of her VIP list in the 5th Jan clip, but they decided to exclude this much more newsworthy aspect from their broadcast because the terms Judges, Lords, & Labour MP were just too close to identification. This is probably the most absurd excuse I have heard for a very long time, and one of the worst lies, in every sense of the word


Becky/Brooke/Esther was very much meshed with Wilmer/Exaro by the end of 2014  at the very latest.Her VIP list appears to have begun to form towards the end of Jan 2015. Her VIP list was crucial to both Wilmer & Exaro

Here is esther/becky/brooke seemingly forgetting her story ( actually by this date her viplist probably had not yet been finalized)

Her response to this was that 'he wasn't an mp at the time' he abused her. Somewhat specious distinction given she is claiming he abused her over a number of years and she claims to know 'every inch of him'.

 Leaving aside the ex lib dem MP , Baker had on the 14th january 2015 attended at meeting along with many others in the House of Commons, where at least 3 MP's spoke. This just 6 DAYS BEFORE the tweet above.So on that count alone Baker apparently either forgot entirely, or wasn't telling the truth

As far as her association with Wilmer/Exaro go her memory seems to fail her yet again

When cornered, esther/becky/brooke claims her first contact with Exaro was on 21st jan2015

Actually as usual with becky/esther/brooke etc, even her own TL says she isn't telling the truth again
as this is showing Jan10th 2015
In reality it is likely this was not the first time, merely the first shown on her own TL

Here is becky/esther/brooke talking about her alleged abuser who is due to be interviewed in October.
and the allegations that will be put to him ( Baker has no corroboration from any other 'victim') Esther seems to have forgotten her story since if her alleged abuser is guilty he would have a good idea of what allegations he faces at the interview, but Baker appears to have forgotten the plot, so when caught out, relies on the usual, 'im not allowed to comment' - odd since she has been for quite some time

What isn't obvious from just reading TL's is the situation as at early Jan 2015
The old Inquiry format was just about limping on, (including Wilmer) but was likely due to be axed by T May and a new stat Inquiry to replace it, along with a new panel (given a change in legal status the Inq Act tends to preclude those with a vested interest from serving on any panel- in this case 'survivors' )
What this meant was Wilmer would be removed as well as the only other 'survivor' S Evans, who as far as im aware has no specific role in events as detailed here.
Obviously ex panel members would lose their daily fee, said to be around 500 a day - so over 5 plus years of the Inquiry a substantial amount running into 100,'s of thousands.
Anyone on the Inquiry would have first knowledge of any breaking stories. If they chose to leak those to say a small internet news agency, the media value of those over 5 plus year would be in millions of pounds. 'Commission' in the form of brown envelope money, would also run in 100,'s thousands, possible million
Big money then for all concerned, not surprising why such a bitter protracted campaign was mounted by those most likely to gain, to try to save the old Inquiry format
Part of that fight even when the announcement was made to scrap the old Inquiry, was to try to say the new proposed Inquiry was unsafe for survivors partly to try to either force a reversal by boycott or divert those likely to report elsewhere. The new Inquiry had to be deemed unsafe.To this end how more unsafe could it be than having an alleged abuser, beckys/esthers/brookes alleged abuser in fact ,associated with it. Some coincidence that in scrambling around looking for ways to suggest the new Inquiry was unsafe, you happen to notice your newly 'alleged' abuser associated with it.But then improbable events dominate Esther Bakers various stories if you look closely enough

Apart from the obvious lies, reading Esther/Becky/Brooke account of events requires not only a temporary suspension of  reality, but a permanent residents card


Exaro & Private Eye

It's not unknown for what used to be termed 'Fleet St' to have loss making titles. Proprietors have been willing trade cash for the influence a national  news title brings with it. But Exaro is positively microscopic and far from a regional let alone national title, and Booth is an investor in small 'high risk' ventures who looks for a commensurate return on his investment.

The damage to Exaro  recent adverse publicity from MSM and the likes of PE, must mean that the tantalizing prospect for Watts of selling a few' Darren' type stories in order to fend off Booth, must have shrunk to almost zero.
Meanwhile Watts is frantically  spinning to the faithful in a damage limitation exercise, but they are far easier to con than other journalists, and more importantly, Booth.
Perhaps there's a Syrian media outlet  with a vacancy?

Most popular

Currently it is still Esther Baker Troll, but almost on equal viewing numbers is The ever changing Esther Baker story, which seems likely to overtake it.

 it's been a few months now since her Sky fiction appeared, yet still no official corroboration by any one else.

Darren, Exaro & that Telegraph piece

Here is the Telegraph piece, by their chief reporter, Robert Mendick,  reproduced in full

Man known as 'Darren’, who claimed to have witnessed paedophile gang killings, was jailed for making hoax bomb calls and falsely confessed to murder 


Serious doubts over the testimony of a key witness who claimed to have been present at two murders committed by a VIP paedophile ring can be disclosed today.
An investigation by The Telegraph has uncovered the troubled past of the witness whose lurid claims prompted a 12-month police inquiry.
The allegations made by the witness, known as 'Darren’, led to six people, with no previous record of child abuse, being interviewed under caution at police stations.
Darren had told detectives that he had been present at two possible murders – one of a 15-year-old girl at a flat used by senior politicians close to the Palace of Westminster and of a man with Down’s syndrome killed on a private estate in Suffolk with links to the Establishment.
But The Telegraph investigation can disclose:
* Darren had been previously sentenced to two years in jail for making hoax bomb calls, nuisance and threatening calls about neighbours and criminal damage
* he falsely confessed to the murder of a prostitute in the midst of a high profile police manhunt in the 1990s
* a judge accused him of telling “some pretty whopping lies” at the conclusion of a court case 15 years ago
The claims made by Darren have been investigated by both the Metropolitan Police and by Suffolk Police but no evidence has been found to substantiate the claims. The Suffolk police inquiry has now been halted.
The Telegraph is aware of Darren’s real identity but has chosen not to name him over fears he remains vulnerable. He was abused as a teenager while in foster care for six months in Suffolk but there is no evidence, according to police sources, to corroborate any of his more lurid claims.
The disclosures about Darren’s convictions and false confession – seen as possible attention seeking by a troubled young man – will deal a blow to a campaign begun by Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson and others to prove a murderous paedophile ring once operated at the highest level of government.
Reputations of senior Conservative politicians and even war heroes have been shredded in the process.
Dolphin Square in Pimlico, LondonMuch of the abuse was alleged to have taken place at the Dolphin Square complex in Pimlico, where a large number of MPs had flats  Photo: PA
Darren, who is now in his 30s, had told detectives in the course of three days of interviews last September that he had been present during two murders committed by the VIP paedophile gang in the 1990s. He had been interviewed on a number of other occasions after that.
His testimony had been important in seemingly reinforcing claims made by another child abuse victim, known as 'Nick’, who had also claimed children had been murdered by the VIP gang.
Scotland Yard is also understood to now have serious doubts about Nick’s evidence amid reports that the current police inquiries into the VIP paedophile ring will be downsized in the coming weeks.
The Telegraph understands that Darren had named Lord Brittan, the former Conservative Home Secretary who died in January, of being involved in the gang. He named other high profile politicians as well as a famous comedian.
Six people, with no previous convictions, were interviewed under police caution as a consequence.
Many of Darren’s claims were made public through interviews he gave to journalists at Exaro, an investigative news website. An Exaro journalist even accompanied Darren to police interviews. Exaro has also interviewed Nick at length.
Darren told Exaro that he had seen a 15-year-old girl taken into a room in a flat in Dolphin Square, an apartment block favoured by politicians because of its proximity to parliament, from which she never emerged.
“I did not see her again and fear she may have been killed,” he said.
Darren alleged he had been trafficked to Dolphin Square by Peter Righton, founder of the notorious Paedophile Information Exchange, who lived at one time in a rented cottage on a private estate in Suffolk. Darren, then aged 15, had been working on the estate where he said he had been abused by Righton, who is now dead.
On one occasion, according to Darren, a man in his 30s with Down’s syndrome was tortured to death on the estate when he was tied to two cars. “Both vehicles then slowly reversed and I heard a scream. I think he must have passed out because he made no more sound,” Darren told Exaro in February.
He said he had dug six graves on the estate in the days before the attack and that they were subsequently filled in.
But police after a year-long inquiry have been unable to find evidence to back up Darren’s testimony. It is understood there was concern over some of the timings. It is thought that, for example, Darren worked on the estate at Thornham Magna in Suffolk for about five weeks until June 1992 while Righton is not believed to have moved there until November 1992.
A troubled youth, Darren had been in foster care for about six months in 1992 where he was abused by his foster carer. He subsequently won a claim for Government compensation as a victim of crime.
But the abuse sparked a bout of heavy drinking that led to him calling police and confessing to crimes he did not commit including the murder of a prostitute in what was seen at the time as a possible 'cry for help’.
Darren was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder as a consequence of the abuse and in 1998 he was jailed for two years for a series of hoax phone calls, which included three fake bomb threats, as well as threatening behaviour towards neighbours.
In another court case a year later, a judge said of Darren: “There is a clear propensity to tell some pretty whopping lies. In 1994 he was confessing to all sorts of things like murder and rape which he had not committed.”
The judge concluded “with that track record [he] should be approached with considerable care”.
A senior source at Scotland Yard, which has been involved in the investigation into Darren’s claims, said: “We are between a rock and a hard place. We don’t want people to ever lose faith in coming to the police. We believe our victims and we support vulnerable victims who need our support.
“But this has been months of difficulties. We cannot prove categorically that he is lying but there is no evidence for his claims.”
The source added: “Darren needs proper help. That is absolutely fundamental.”
Police are furious that Darren’s claims were given publicity by the Exaro website before they could be investigated fully by officers. They believe that the glare of publicity has put Darren under more pressure.
“This is not Darren’s fault. This is a problem for the people at Exaro,” said the source.
Police were surprised that an Exaro journalist had accompanied Darren to a number of interviews with detectives.
Mr Watson, elected Labour’s deputy leader two weeks ago, has won huge plaudits for standing up in the House of Commons in October 2012 and alleging that a high level paedophile network had existed with protection from senior politicians in Parliament and even in Downing St.
Mr Watson said that Righton was a key figure in the network of paedophiles and was subsequently contacted by Darren and copied into emails that Darren sent to police officers.
“Darren has told me that he fears for his safety,” Mr Watson told Exaro in January, “Were he to be attacked, I will personally make sure everyone who needs to know will know who these people are.”
Mr Watson added: “Darren’s story is very similar to others. I hope that all his allegations will be thoroughly investigated by the police.”
Last week, Darren refused to comment. He has complained to Exaro that police had 'betrayed his trust’ and that he had withdrawn his cooperation with Suffolk police. He said that police had referred his baby son to social services. “I feel that this was done to silence me,” he said.
He also stands by his claims. “My allegations are true, I have no reason to lie to anyone, I’ve never made any money from speaking out and neither would I want to,” he has said, “I told the truth in the belief that there would be justice. Why would I lie? What would I have gained by lying?”
Police sources have suggested the referral to social services was made over growing concerns that Darren’s postings on the social networking site Twitter were increasingly alarming.
Suffolk police said: “We have a duty of care to protect young people where a concern has been raised for their well-being.”
On Darren’s allegations, the force said: “We fully investigated the claims and these have been found to be unsubstantiated.”
Mark Watts, Exaro’s editor-in-chief, said: “Darren certainly had a troubled start to his life, as is often – although not always – true for survivors of child sex abuse, but you have been badly misinformed about his past.
“We cannot go into any detail about his past because we cannot say anything that could help to identify a confidential source, especially a vulnerable witness.”
He added: “We stand by what we have published.”


Now the question is for the self proclaimed 'investigative' website, Exaro, is why it didn't investigate it's lone complainant before selling his fantasy account not only to other news outlets, but to the police, who spent nearly a year investigating bizarre fabrications of a convicted bomb hoaxer, and fantasist. Because despite a general comment about slurs, there has been no specific denial of any of the Telegraphs claims from either Darren, or Exaro. The only positive side is unlike the other Exaro  fantasist Esther/Becky/Brooke, Darren isn't trying to rid social media of anyone who he personally dislikes

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Jobs for the boys

Wilmer senior has no visible means of support, unless he takes an income or fees from the
Lanterns small annual income.

The Lantern project is a small charity whose last accounts filed show an income of just over £60k
for that financial year 2013

Being so small exempts them from making certain detailed returns in their accounts and reports to to the charity commission

Interesting then that they employed someone full time with the rather grandiose title of  'Regional Executive', whose title/role  appears to extend to Development Director,  as well as being a Director and Treasurer.
Fine sounding titles you might say, especially for someone who claims he was 'headhunted' by The lanterns projects CEO, and whose previous background  was working in retail sports shops as an assistant
How much do they pay their Regional Executive out of their meagre donations meant to directly help  victims? - Interesting question. Especially I imagine for those donating who very likely didn't expect to be supporting a full time management role for such a small charity.
And who is this person allegedly headhunted by the lantern projects CEO? for the role of Regional Executive/Development Director/Director?
 well actually it's

Zachary Wilmer, Graham Wilmers second son.


Friday, 4 September 2015

Early Becky Interview

Fart --Becky I have read your account of this religious abuse marlarkey you provided for C4 which I have to say took some selling. I would like you to think hard Becky - i realise this might be difficult - but are there any other names, events etc, vip stuff that might be of help to add to your story

Becky--Dunno Fart they were all religious like, saying things like the Lord will have you

Fart ---Ah so there were Lords involved, lets note that quickly

Becky--They said I would be judged

Fart--remarkable - senior members of the judiciary involved as well, *scribbles frantically*

Becky--And if I didn't behave I would have to Labour for my peers

Fart-- Excellent - a Labour Peer as well - truly remarkable what you can recall with a bit of help, I can feel palpitations in my bank balance already.
But tell me Becky, I am thinking from other accounts, were there any budding libdem MP's involved in this abuse, especially any i don't like.
To help you with this, because I know youre a bit thick, I will hold up several pictures  and you tell me if you can spot anything you recognise.

Becky--*Becky grimaces, whilst breaking wind*.....the middle picture Fart

Fart--Truly Excellent Becky, * wafting paper frantically* we have come a long way from your boring story of religious stuff nobody would buy, to a media shocker. But tell me what specifically drew you to the middle picture, Becky?

Becky--Well, I just looked up and saw the bundle of cash you were holding above that picture Fart

Fart-- Excellent Becky we need more witnesses like you

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The ever changing Esther Baker 'story'

So exactly when did Esther Baker's 'story' change so substantially, and more importantly, why?

In the Mirror article and  C4 news at the beginning of Jan 2015 she was called 'Becky' telling her then story and giving her view, that the old Inquiry must stay, along with  Wilmer, naturally.That was THE most important thing.

Clearly the story, accent and pictures, even though her face is not shown, are Esther Bakers
Her story is clearly recognisable including, family, policemen, ex partners, but strangely enough and here's where it gets interesting, NO mention of the key figures namely Lords, Judges and MPs which sold her story to Sky and which currently feature so heavily. Yet they DON'T FEATURE AT ALL in Bakers interviews of the 5th and 13th Jan 2015


There are NO JUDGES  mentioned at all

There are NO LORDS  mentioned at all

There are no MPs mentioned either, living or dead

How could anyone have forgotten them, it's not like they were even mentioned on the 5th Jan 2015, in the Mirror article and C4 news of the same date..THEY SIMPLY DIDN'T EXIST back then. Did someone 'remind' her of these prior to selling her story to Sky?
Those Lords, Judges and specific Peers etc their details are not dependent upon some later claimed recognition as with alleged libdem mp- though clearly Baker lied about the timing of this recently. So the question is why were they missing from her account given on 5th/13th Jan 2015??
EVERYTHING ELSE WAS THERE, but NOT the Judges, Lords, and MPs, current or past

Even the role of the various alleged police officers present had changed from the current obvious implication they were partly at least guarding these later featured  VIP's, but back in jan 2015 there were no VIP'S so they were apparently being explained away  as just  members of a religious group, which Baker at that time claims abused her.No real mention of that religious group in her later story though.It has disappeared and been replaced by VIP's unmentioned till Sky

Did she suddenly 'remember' about the Lords, Judges and MP  much later, after consulting with Wilmer/Exaro?
She claimed to have first recognised the alleged libdem circa Jan 2015 - though she also claims to have named him prior to Lantern/Wilmer which was at least Dec 2014 according to one of her many stories.
She lies badly, that's clear enough, but even if we ignore the lies surrounding the libdem for a moment, excl one libdem there is no reason to explain away the missing Judges, Lords, & specific Peer later mentioned in her revised story sold to Sky and Mirror, and promoted with the help of Wilmer Exaro.
It's not like you would have forgotten them is it, unless of course they were never real in the first place.

The Wilmer-Baker hate war

The so-called survivor wars feel as though they have been going on longer now than the 100 year war
The vitriolic campaign is run by Graham fruitcake Wilmer, and Esther look at me Baker, largely against Ian Mcfadyen, and Andi Lavery, though new entrants get sucked into the Wilmer-Baker cesspool if they demonstrate disloyalty or differing views.

Just to recap, the vendetta was begun by Wilmer & his son, Rory Mitty  - his son largely leading to begin with, in order to keep fruitcake Fathers TL looking half sane. Wilmer lost his panel position when the first Inquiry was disbanded and the whole panel, Inquiry, ToR and status were changed.That was the starting point, for old mad, mad Wilmer who blamed IM, AL for his lost panel fees.

To campaign as IM AL did, along with many others, for a new Inquiry because you believe the existing one unsuitable, is a legitimate aim, whether you share the same view or not.
Trying to remove twitter accounts just for revenge, isn't.

The extreme bitterness, hate, and lies that have poured forth from Fruitcake Wilmer & co, have been truly astounding.I am aghast Wilmer isn't receiving serious mental health treatment within a suitable institution, rather than being involved with vulnerable clients. What happens when a client upsets him? does he go off in the same extreme volatile manner. It really is genuinely shocking to think of this 'accident waiting to happen' from this old fruitcake male, filled with hatred

Wilmer fruitcake blames IM-AL for virtually everything.He claims to have had a heart attack in late 2014, so they are naturally to blame. I am unaware of any such condition being primarily down being on the internet.
If he genuinely felt his health was suffering due to stress levels, he and his family and friends should be advising him to voluntarily stay off social media.If you freely choose to troll on social media, then that's a personal choice.It is entirely Wilmers choice.But no, old Wilmer likes to play the sympathy card where possible.Not being on the panel, potentially  helped Wilmer's physical health if we are to believe his account of events, but Wilmer doesn't take that view. As for his mental health, he was and is entirely unsuitable for anything.A hate-filled ranting old man and you don't need to be an apologist to see that.

But forget those so-called apologists, sympathisers etc, because it is a small group of so called survivors/campaigners/asswipes who have damaged the csa cause with their bitter war more than any other single source, and the prime source of that was, and still is, Fruit cake Wilmer -Baker and their hangers-on ie clinkers
Disagree with these and out come the clinkers. Latest victims, jacobite, and Mark Williams Thomas. Jacobite said he didn't believe Fester Faker's story - I suspect neither do many others when looking at the facts. Out come the clinkers, assisted by Baker who attack in group with pitchforks ready, on anyone voicing a different opinion. Unfortunately this IS the stuff of witch-hunts. It's having a group view no one else is allowed to deviate from without being accused of modern day heresy. It may not be the majority,who hold this view, but instead a rather small seedy little alliance of self interested, maggots, jostling for any remaining morsels to feed upon - but it is a vocal minority. That vocal element, a number of the more sane community members fail to deal with.A few occasional pithy negative comments will not deal with this, meanwhile the Wilmer-Baker maggots in question, wriggle on with a charm offensive aimed at  certain accounts, trying to sucker them in with a bit of synthetic flattery. Grooming I believe is the right expression

I suspect for many more sane users, they will just switch off from csa altogether and think this is not something they wish to be involved in, in any capacity.Others will perhaps change their opinion entirely, after viewing this nasty protracted hate campaign  of Wilmer-Baker. Who could blame them?. It is aimed to damage and polarise opinion, and in some senses will  achieve that.But the cost is not only borne by their targets IM, AL, it will also be levied on the haters themselves, and more importantly, on all the other genuine if less vocal csa community.